Business development, Copenhagen

Innovation potential and implementation of results

At Barentzymes we strive to contribute significantly to meet the growing demands for the future “bioeconomy”.

The bio-industry and public R&D centers have to work closely together in a setting where the strengths of both parties are combined in a creative and commercially stimulated way. Through partnerships we see great potential for facilitating identification and production of new industrial enzymes for the international market.

Enzyme products for the industries targeted by the company have generally significantly shorter development horizons before they reach their respective markets than highly specialized enzymes for eg. diagnostics and pharmaceutical applications.

We have a customer-driven business model and our work begins when the customer approaches us with a problem. It is the customer who defines the direction of Barentzymes’ development activities, and with the team will consequently determine the search profile within the sequence material available; Barentzymes will then look for possible candidates using a unique sequence-based screening platform. Barentzymes has access to genetic diversity from Tromsø, as well as from many more placed throughout the globe.